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Rafael Bravo de la Parra

Catedrático de Universidad de Matemática Aplicada

U.D. Matemáticas, Universidad de Alcalá,

28871 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain



Research Interests:


The study of biological processes can be carried out at different scales, from the cellular scale to the ecosystem level. Frequently, which is typical in ecological models, the model construction is approachable out of first principles at the individual level that must be subsequently scaled to higher levels. This method yields systems of great complexity. My research interests encompass some techniques of simplification of these systems, which include scale jumps, as well as their applications to particular ecological systems.

In this context, from the methodological point of view, I collaborate with some colleagues in the development of so-called variables aggregation methods. They consist in describing the asymptotic behaviour of complex systems including different time scales with the help of reduced systems for a few global variables.

The main applications I am interested in have to do with continuous and discrete ecological and eco-epidemic models with spatial or behavioural heterogeneity and forest dynamics.


My research is presently supported by:

*  Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain), project PID2020-114814GB-I00: Timescales in Eco-Epidemiological Models (2021-24).

Publications For a listing of publications go to: Publications